1. How long will my parcel take to arrive? 

Orders will be shipped to 10 business days after placement. You will receive confirmation from our team once your package is on its way. 



1. How will I know when my order is ready for collection? 

Orders will be packaged and ready for collection within to 10 business days. Our two man band will send you a notification once your order is ready.


2. Where is the collection point? 

Kenilworth, Southern Suburbs, Cape Town. You will receive an address and contact information when your order is ready. 


3. What days and times can I collect? 

Tuesday: 10am-1pm & Thursday: 10am-1pm 

please note:  You will receive a notification that your order is ready for collection after which you can book a pick up time with India.



1. Could you tell us more about the pricing of your merch items?

Supporting local, means going the extra mile to ensure that everyone involved in the making of each garment is respected, treated with care and paid fairly. 

Producing locally will always be more expensive than mass produced imports. Will wanted to support South African suppliers, keeping it 100% local. Because after all, local is lekker. Right?! 


2. What inspired you during the process of making your merch? 

Will wanted to make merch that you would choose to wear, if it wasn't in your wash basket as opposed to a random piece of clothing that lives at the back of a closet. 

He wanted these limited pieces to be a "slaying fashion statement for all of eternity".


3. Who is behind the designs? 

A darling, talented, energetic, wholesome friend, and fellow South African, India Tyers.


4. How did your Merch come to life? 

Will has been dreaming about his own merch from day one but had to wait until the time was right before starting the development process. 

The obvious first call was to his friend India who had designed the original Will Linley logo.

After many late nights and endless zoom calls the dream has become a reality. 

It has been a crazy, wild, creative 3 months. The day is finally here.

Will Linley Merch is yours x


Got a question? Go to 'contact' and pop us a message, love ya!